The seven lessons of Options Together™ are designed to help us understand the biblical call to engage American poverty in the context of Christ-centered relationships. These relationships can lead to mutual transformation.

Options Together was filmed in five American cities with hundreds of hours of interviews, including experts and people who are living in circumstances of poverty. The narrative style videos will help you to see the inner city with fresh eyes, filled with the hope of gospel-driven transformation.

The biblical content is both deep and wide. Meaning, the whole scope of scriptures are employed as well as deep dives into critical passages that will inform the way you see this issue for years to come.

Options Together can be used to launch missions-minded churches, parachurch organizations, and individuals into our cities armed with the knowledge given by God’s Word and empowered with practical steps to engage in the sometimes difficult and complex environment of our inner cities. While there are hundreds of Bible studies on marriage and parenting, there are no video-based Bible study resources that will transport users into America’s inner city and allow them to hear from both the poor and experts alike.

The Modules:

Module 1: Who are the poor?
Module 2: Who is my neighbor?
Module 3: The Imago Dei (or Image of God)
Module 4*: The scars of racism
Module 5: We are all poor
Module 6: Creating options together™
Module 7: What’s next?

*Module 4 – The video story in this study describes difficult issues surrounding race, racial violence and sexual abuse. There are no graphic images but the content may be difficult for those who have experienced racism or sexual abuse. As a leader you should preview the video prior to showing it to your group.