Options Together™

OptionsTogether™ Bible Study is a small-group Bible study tool that is beautifully filmed and expertly crafted to highlight the God-given dignity and voice of every person captured on film. The in-depth biblical content will help the user engage with the Lord’s mandate to care for the poor in the context of relationships, ridding us of the old giver/receiver narrative.

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Customer RatingsWell Done Study to Consider the Situation of Those in Poverty
This study was used in a small group setting with people that do not have much exposure to the homeless or those living in the inner city. The questions in the study book and short video segments helped create an environment that made one think about those that are less fortunate. It opened up discussions about how we can learn more about the plight of the disadvantaged and how we can help. Eric

Customer RatingsFantastic tool!
Using it to train others in both small group and large group settings. Great discussion has taken place, new insights on how to respond to poverty in our cities, and the video vignettes are very engaging. Highly recommend! TJN